Robert Kucharski Lawyer in Krakow

Cooperation and success
Legal solutions that provide exceptional services and results.

I am a legal adviser, partner and founder of Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Office of Legal Advisors in Krakow. I have experience in conducting court cases and providing ongoing legal support. My offer is addressed primarily to individual clients, business and non-governmental organizations. I have a Master of Business Administration degree which allows me to act as a lawyer for business more effectively. I am guided by an individual approach to each case while maintaining complete confidentiality and discretion.

On the Internet I share my knowledge and experience in the form of publications on blogs and video advice on the Legal Education website. In my professional career I am guided by the need to help anyone who is in need. My priority is always full commitment and help in solving my clients’ problems. Together with legal adviser Tomasz Ruman, we offer a full range of professional legal services. We examine each case from several points of view, which allows the customer to save time, minimize risk and costs.

If you run a business or have a legal problem in your private life and need help from a trusted lawyer, please contact me at +48 794 037 857. You can also use the contact form on the Contact page. I inform you that I provide a preliminary analysis of the issue free of charge.

Legal advice for individual clients and families

The offer is addressed to individual clients and their families. Legal advice takes place after prior appointment at the Office. The services include advice in the field of civil law, family law, inheritance law, housing law, and labor law. In criminal cases, legal advice is provided by legal counsel Tomasz Ruman. Advice includes analysis of the facts and the proposed solutions presented legal problems.

After legal advice customer may order a representation on the court and give a power of attorney. In the event of a legal case being ordered, legal advice is free.

Examples of services on offer:

  • law advices
  • lawsuits
  • writing applications and pleadings
  • negotiations, mediations, settlement proceedings
  • permanent legal support

Legal service for companies. Legal support for business.

The offer addressed to the business includes professional legal advice, establishing companies and companies, drawing up contracts and representation in business cases. Legal advice is available at the Law Office as well as at the client’s office. I advise on how to safely conduct business in the face of regulations and procedures and how to minimize the risk of losses and manage the crisis in difficult moments for the company. I offer professional analysis of documentation in the company in terms of compliance with the GDPR and the register of prohibited clauses. I also deal with liquidation and merger of companies as well as bankruptcy and restructuring issues.

Examples of things you can ask me about:

  • business and legal consulting
  • court representation
  • preparation and analysis of contracts
  • participation in negotiations
  • participation in meetings of company bodies
  • permanent legal service

Non-governmental organizations. Consulting NGO activities.

The offer is addressed to non-governmental organizations, foundations and associations. I offer professional legal advice in setting up and running non-governmental organizations. I prepare statutes for foundations and associations and register them in the National Court Register. I help foundations and associations in obtaining the status of a Public Benefit Organization and deriving benefits from it. I participate in the meetings of the organization’s members during general or board meetings. I provide legal services during the liquidation of foundations and associations.

Examples of services from the offer:

  • legal advice
  • establishing an organization
  • registration in the National Court Register
  • obtaining the status of a Public Benefit Organization
  • preparation of statutes and regulations
  • permanent legal service