Legal Counseling for Individual Clients and Families

As part of my professional practice, I deal with legal advice for individual clients in their private life. Help includes matters such as:

  • divorces,
  • contacts with children,
  • alimony
  • civil matters,
  • inheritance law,
  • housing law,
  • compensation
  • deleveraging

When handling a case with a Client, I precisely define the direction of the help I provide. Matters in private life require special commitment and dedication, while the delicate matter underlying the majority of matters necessitates an individual approach to each client. I offer representation at the hearings and conduct the court process on the formal and substantive side.

As part of the cooperation, my Clients get full discretion and the involvement of the lawyer in entrusted matters. Meetings with Clients are held at the Office at ul. Szafer 7/33 in Krakow near the Krakow Courts and Magistrate. You can get more information about legal assistance in private life by calling me directly on the phone at +48794037857