Legal Support for Foundations and Associations

I have experience and knowledge in creating and running non-governmental organizations. The third sector, otherwise known as the NGO sector, just like a company, requires proper care and preparation for proper functioning. The safety of running a foundation or association is a fundamental value that should be guided by the founders of this type of organization. Good preparation for the planned activities allows you to accelerate the start of operations, therefore it is best to do it accurately and well in advance.

My help consists in ongoing consultancy in establishing, running and liquidating foundations and associations. I also conduct employee affairs in such organizations and provide legal support in the ongoing conduct of business. I offer a full range of legal services in the form of oral, ad hoc legal advice. I also analyze and prepare draft statutes. I also help non-governmental organizations to end their activities. My offer also includes consulting as part of raising public funds, including grants, grants and other sources of financing.

By providing services, I pay special attention to NGOs for proven and clear solutions that promote safe development and permanent broadening of horizons. As part of services dedicated to the third sector, I deal with the process of registering the status of a public benefit organization. This form of activity opens up a number of new opportunities for the organization.

The legal assistance that I offer is directed primarily to non-governmental organizations wishing to start a business, improve its functioning or liquidate the entity. As part of the full service, the Customer receives and submits to the registry court KRS forms on which changes in the organization are reported. I organize a meeting with a notary public to sign an act of establishing a foundation.